Solar – The Intelligent Choice for a Green Solution The sun provides us with the fuel of the future – solar energy. Shining on us every day providing heat, light and energy. A Buderus solar water heating system easily and conveniently converts this energy to heat your domestic hot water, benefiting the environment and you with clean, affordable and efficient water heating. In addition to solar collectors, Buderus offers a complete solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system designed as an integrated and efficient solution.

Save Energy – Save the Planet
Solar energy not only preserves valuable fossil fuel it minimizes your heating costs while protecting the, environment. Because a solar collector area of only 20 square feet prevents the release of approximately 70 lbs. CO2 each year, a Buderus Domestic Hot Water (DHW) solar solution is one way that you can contribute to the prevention of global warming.

Designed to Last
Solar collectors are exposed to the elements all year round. To permanently safeguard their optimum performance requires experience, specialized designs and materials. All Buderus solar panel frames are constructed of long-lasting and light-weight fiberglass, special safety glass provides stability and a selective coating yields optimum energy absorption. Buderus offers two models of high performance solar collectors.

solar panel